Jordan Exum Joins Center for the Arts as Gallery Director

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Provided by Center for the Arts

The Center for the Arts of Greater Manassas/Prince William County announces the retirement of Anna Mish, Gallery Director, and the appointment of Jordan Exum as the Center’s new Gallery Director.

After 14 years with the Center and curating nearly 100 exhibits, Anna Mish retired at the end of October 2016. She was honored to be a part of the development and construction of the gallery in the Historic Hopkins Candy Factory building and to be a part of the Center of the Arts. She has relocated to her home state of North Carolina and will be traveling and exploring new places with her husband.

Jordan Exum, another North Carolina native, earned a BA in Art History and Appreciation from East Carolina University and an MA in Art History from George Mason University. She is excited to be a part of the Center for the Arts and the Gallery Director for the Caton Merchant Family Gallery.

“I grew up going to art classes and volunteering in a similar nonprofit arts center environment. I always dreamed of working at an art gallery or for an arts center,” Exum said.

“I love that the Center is a community driven arts center, and that the gallery and neighborhood are so closely connected.”

Exum hopes to continue Mish’s excellent job of incorporating exhibits into workshops and classes for various age groups. “I’d like to continue that type of integration,” she said when asked how she would create interactive experiences for gallery visitors.

“I also think that allowing the public a platform that enables them to connect to the exhibit and artist can only be beneficial (artist interviews, lectures, etc.). I would like to incorporate exhibit themes in other ways, while also giving the public a chance to step into the artist’s mind.”

Coming from a small town, Jordan knows how important and therapeutic the arts can be to aid in community issues.

“I think that an arts center should aim to bring the community together. It should be a safe haven for those wishing to escape the everyday, whether that escape be via an art class, art exhibit, or a theatre class. It should be a place for people to learn, make connections, and develop.” One of her goals as Gallery Director is to involve public interaction on a more personal level.

Exum loves art of all kinds noting that each decade and movement has something different to offer. “The most challenging part of being an Art Historian is having to narrow down your interests, and choosing one concentration for your degree. I chose Modern Art because of its unlimited possibilities and the art history methods that accompany it as a study. I’m also a huge fan of Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, and Henry Fuseli,” she said.

The Center for the Arts invites you to stop by the Caton Merchant Family Gallery and meet Jordan Exum and view the current exhibit, Off the Wall, which features artwork from Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park high school students.


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