Kaitlyn Engelmeier-Foor Wins National Outstanding Assistant Principal Award

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Provided by Prince William County Schools (PWCS)

For the fourth year in a row, the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals (VAESP) has chosen a Prince William County Public Schools administrator as the winner of the National Outstanding Assistant Principal Award for Virginia. Kaitlyn Engelmeier-Foor learned of her selection at a ceremony held at Porter Traditional School, where she serves as assistant principal.

“These things are rare in life,” said Bill Bixby, associate superintendent for middle schools. “And people like Katy are going to be rushing to a meeting in five minutes and handling a phone call in ten minutes and be in a classroom in fifteen minutes and going on. It’s educators like Katy that you need to tell, ‘enjoy this’ because she’ll be off to do work real quickly and she’s the last person who’s going to get a big head.”

“I love coming to work,” said Engelmeier-Foor. “I have so much fun and it’s so easy to do when you have a wonderful staff and wonderful kids. It’s so much fun not only to see when the kids have that light bulb go on in their eyes but also when you see it in the teachers’ eyes.”

Jim Baldwin, executive director of the VAESP; Superintendent Steve L. Walts; and Darci Whitehead, Porter Traditional School principal, gave congratulatory remarks.

Engelmeier-Foor was nominated and selected through a statewide search process conducted by VAESP. She holds Bachelor of Science degrees in history and social studies education from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s degree in supervision and evaluation of instruction from George Mason University. She has served as assistant principal at Porter since 2011. Prior to her current assignment, she served as teacher on administrative assignment and taught gifted education and social studies all at Porter. This summer, Engelmeier-Foor will be honored with well-deserved recognition at the Annual VAESP Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia and at the NAESP Convention in Orlando, Florida.


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