Keep Prince William Beautiful

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We’re checking in with local businesses to learn how they’re adjusting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meet Aleta Daniels of Keep Prince William Beautiful (4391 Ridgewood Center Drive, Suite F, Woodbridge, 571-285-3772).

Tell our readers about your company (under normal circumstances). What do you do, what services do you provide?

We are a non-profit environmental organization that serves Prince William County. We partner with residents, businesses and government to educate and inspire people to be environmental stewards and Keep Prince William Beautiful. The programs we offer cover litter removal and education, recycling education and water quality improvement. Our outreach and education can take the shape of guest-instructing in classrooms and after-school environmental clubs. Or, it can involve setting up a table at outreach platforms such as community fairs.

If you are a brick and mortar company with limited access to the public, what services are you offering?

We have limited our in-office hours to just Mondays and Wednesdays to coordinate litter pickup supplies and keep the office orderly. The rest of the week, our staff of two are working from home.

A large part of our work is centered around litter cleanups, so we are still working with our volunteers who want to get out and pick up litter. We are discouraging large groups from participating. Instead, we are encouraging volunteers to go out individually or as part of a family staying at home together. All of our supplies are being sanitized between uses.

We are also promoting a daily “Creativity Challenge” with quiz questions, Nailed It recycled item challenges, and other fun games and activities.

Anything else we need to know about?

We are also looking for individuals interested in doing our Shopping Center Survey and Storm Drain Labeling program. These are both ‘social distancing approved’ programs! Visit our website for more information.




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