Keys to a Healthier Lifestyle

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By Dave Delevante

Colorful vegetable frame, healthy food concept.

Spending time with family is important. Having an active lifestyle is important. Eating nutritious food is important. None of these statements are ground-breaking information.

Much attention has been given to these truths, especially during the past few years as stress levels, obesity rates and health-consciousness have risen. Still it seems that while more people are aware of the role each of these plays in being healthy, many people have not made the effort to achieve each one. But as childhood obesity rates continue to rise, and young people have elevated levels of stress in school as well as in extracurricular activities, now is the time for adults to make some changes in their lives so that they can lead by example. What kind of role model are you when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle?

Nutrition. How aware are you of the nutrients your body needs to function at its best? Do you skip meals because you think you just don’t have time to eat? Do you grab quick snacks instead of choosing a healthy option? Making smart food choices is important for you and your family. You will feel better and be more productive. Children are more likely to choose healthy foods when they have those options at home and see the adults in their lives making healthy choices.

Exercise. How active are you? Is physical activity a regular part of your routine? Do you regard exercise as a chore to be avoided as much as possible? Even moderate exercise has benefits. Families who exercise together are more likely to have children who will continue active lifestyles as they grow older.

Time. How are you at achieving life/work balance? Do you find yourself so overwhelmed with work that you don’t have time to attend soccer games or family cookouts? If you struggle with nutrition and exercise, then the chances are good that you struggle with finding time to relax.

No matter how demanding your job is, though, time away from that job is imperative to keep you balanced. Spending time with family and friends has proven health benefits. So if you’ve been thinking about adopting a healthier lifestyle, now is the time. Make it a family endeavor, and you’ll see benefits for generations to come.

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