Know Who Maintains and Plows Your Road

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Provided by Prince William County

With potential snow in the forecast, it’s important to know who maintains the roads for plowing purposes. The Prince William County Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, Division recently updated the road closure application to include road maintenance information. Residents can now visit to see which organization or jurisdiction is responsible for taking care of each road in the county.

“There is a new section in the application showing who the responsible party would be to maintain those roads,” said Malcolm Echaluce, GIS Administrator. “It shows, for example, if the road is maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation, or the county or the towns, or if it’s privately owned or maintained.”

The application also shows phone numbers for those organizations responsible for the road maintenance, such as snow plowing, pothole repair or other road work. The roads on the maps are color-coded so people will be able to easily tell who they should contact for road issues. “If there are particular roads that people happen to be driving on and perhaps there’s a pothole issue or another service related issue, they would know exactly who to contact or who the responsible party is. That way they’re not left to figure out who’s supposed to be taking care of it,” Echaluce said.

In order to see the road maintenance information, the user must click on the icon of the triangle with the exclamation point. To see a specific road, users can zoom into the appropriate area or use the search feature.

Go to to see road maintenance information, current road closures and to sign up to receive road closure notifications.



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