Landlord Gives Local Businesses A Break on Rent

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The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented effect on us all, with restaurants and small businesses suffering to the point of closing their doors. While relief may come from state, local and federal governments, many are taking it upon themselves to support their favorite merchants.

One remarkable example is Bill Daffan, property owner of the Daffan West Building in Downtown Manassas. To help his tenants persevere, he has offered them all deferment of their rent for six months. This cushion takes a heavy burden off the shoulders of four local businesses.

Bill Daffan is no stranger to the struggles that a business can face. With his father, Daffan operated as a general contractor, construction manager, and design-builder at R.E. Daffan. He’s now President of Olde Red General Contracting, a construction management firm in Chantilly, Virginia.

“In this ever-changing situation, we need some stability,” Daffan said of his support. “Everyone needs to work together to get through this. I want to do my part in the crisis.”

The Impact of a Landlord’s Generosity

His tenants were surprised – but not much – by his generosity. “This isn’t something we even needed to ask for – Bill is that strong of a supporter of our community,” said Patrick King, president of marketing agency Imagine. “It’s not every day that you find a commercial landlord that cares so much for his tenants.”

“I can’t express enough how much this means to my business and employees,” said Chris Sellers, co-founder of CJ Finz. “The outpouring of support from our friends, customers and now our landlord have been incredible. I can’t possibly thank them enough.”

When asked about why he chose to defer the rent of his tenants, Daffan simply replied that businesses working together is how they’ll survive this crisis. King agreed, “There’s strength in our numbers – we’re all in this together, so we need to make sure we all make it through together.”


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