Larcenies from Work Vans

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Provided by Prince William County Police

There have been recent reports of work vans being targeted in Prince William County. Vehicles are entered by punching the sliding door or rear door lock. Miscellaneous high-dollar tools are being taken. These incidents are occurring late at night or during the early morning hours.

The following tips may help prevent you from becoming a victim of theft:

  • Remove tools from the van, if possible.
  • Give your tools a makeover. Paint it a neon color, stripes, etc. and take a picture of it if needed in the future. Thieves want to have tools they can sell and not be traced because of their unique look.
  • Engrave personal information on the tool. It can be your business name, your name, etc. This also lowers the tools’ resale value and increases the risk of arrest to the thief.
  • Remove batteries and chargers.
  • Lock them in a secure cabinet. Thieves have a short time to gather your tools. Make it more difficult for them.
  • Lock items up with a security chain. Use hardened steel security chain and padlocks to protect ladders, and heavy-duty equipment.
  • Add Exterior puck locks to your doors. They aren’t convenient but provide much better security than factory locks and is a visual deterrent.
  • Install an alarm system because you can’t watch your van 24/7. There are systems that send alerts to your cell phone when doors are opened, glass breakage, etc.
  • Add stickers or warning signs. Let thieves know your tools and vehicle are protected by GPS trackers, alarm, etc. Thieves generally move on to another target if yours appears high risk.

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