Leopold’s Preserve in Haymarket

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By John Cowgill

At Leopold’s Preserve, you can hike the trails and see nature at its finest.  You’ll see the ducks in the marsh as you stroll across a meadow.  You’ll see the location of an old schoolhouse for African Americans that has been reclaimed by nature.  As you hike the trails, you will need to be reminded that you are in Prince William County.

Leopold’s Preserve is named for Aldo Leopold, a famous conservationist.  The preserve features seven miles of hiking trails, all easy, with many interpretive signs throughout the 380-acre property with wildflower meadows and observation areas including the site where the Battle of Thoroughfare took place during the Civil War.

Leopold’s Preserve is part of the Virginia Bird and Wildlife Trail, the White House Farm Foundation, and the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust.  It is located off Thoroughfare Road just south of Virginia Route 55 west of U.S. Route 15 in Haymarket.  There is parking available.  (No bus parking.)  The preserve is open sunrise to sunset, and admission is free.  If you are fortunate enough, some ducks, birds, or deer may visit you along the way.  Visit leopoldspreserve.com/ to learn more about their programs and talks.

So, if you need to get out of Prince William County, but you cannot get out of Prince William County, just go to Leopold’s Preserve.  A visit to Leopold’s Preserve will make you think that you are somewhere else!

Leopold's Preserve

The marsh at Leopold’s Preserve

Leopold's Preserve

The Meadow at Leopold’s Preserve

John Cowgill writes for Prince William Living about regional points of interest.


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