When Life Hands You Challenges

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They say life happens while you are busy making plans. As it turns out, life also happens when you don’t plan.

My own family has had that lesson drilled home over the last few years. From a tree falling into our home to the legal and financial intricacies of caring for a chronically ill parent, I have taken a crash course (literally) in dealing with the unexpected. Some of these situations we planned for correctly. Others we could have handled better, saving ourselves stress, time and money.

If you’d rather not learn “on the job,” check out this month’s feature. For “Planning for the Unplanned,” on page 4, writer Helena Tavares Kennedy talked to legal, insurance, financial and funeral professionals. Consider it a primer on protecting your family and finances against the ebbs and flows of life. Best of all, most of their suggestions can be quickly and easily completed. Minimal pain, invaluable gain.

Jennifer Rader then provides a real-world example of this type of planning. She spoke to Management and Training Consultants, Inc., owner and CEO Dalena Kanouse for “Taking Care of Business,” on page 18. Find out how this professional dynamo rose above hardship to continue her husband’s legacy, and  how having a trust in place protected the company that was his passion.

Once these articles have motivated you to have your “make-a- plan” to-do list in place, reward yourself. Check out the  enjoyable fall activities that Kristina Schnack Kotlus highlights in “Family Fun,” on page 20. Or plan a visit to the NOVA BMX track at the Prince William County Stadium Complex, after reading this month’s “Destinations” feature, on page 14, by Paul Keily. Both riders and spectators are welcome there.

Just make sure to take care of that insurance bill before jumping on a bike.


Rebecca Barnes
Prince William Living Publisher


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