Litter Tracking App

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Provided by Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB)

Keep Prince William Beautiful (KPWB), with the help of volunteers, strives to keep Prince William County roads, parks, and neighborhoods free from litter. To expand upon volunteer efforts, KPWB has collaborated with the University of Georgia’s Marine Debris Litter Tracker App. The app allows community members to participate as ‘citizen scientists’ to track where litter is accumulating and where it is being cleaned up.

Litter has been increasing in Prince William County. This is partly due to recent reductions in local trash and recycling pick-up services. It’s also partly due to the increase in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and restaurant to-go ware ending up as litter. KPWB will use the data collected from local volunteer input in the App to develop a better understanding of litter hotspots. Those hotspots will need extra help from the volunteers to keep shared spaces clean and litter-free. The App allows users to geotag each piece of litter they find and log what type it is (plastic, paper, glass, etc.).

To get started, download the Marine Debris Tracker App to your iPhone or Android and create your user profile. Select Keep Prince William Beautiful as your tracking list. Then, start reporting the different types of litter you come in contact with during your daily activities. If you are able, please clean and properly dispose of the litter you find. If you would like to organize a litter cleanup, KPWB can provide supplies. For more information about getting started, take a look at this User Manual for helpful tips. You can contact Aleta,  (571) 285-3772, for more information.


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