Local Author Natalina Reis Releases New Book

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Provided by Natalina Reis

Author Natalina Reis

When local author Natalina Reis approached her publishing house, she pitched more than a romance. Instead, she submitted a romantic fantasy series that celebrated human diversity and emphasized the power of the individual in the face of power-hungry governments.

The strong, determined, and often discriminated-against characters are reflective of the author’s own life struggles as an “outsider.” In each of Reis’s books, the characters face adversity and setbacks; they challenge their fears and come up victorious. Reis always roots for the underdog. As Reis’s life took her away from her country, family, and friends, personal challenges began piling up. She fashions her stories and her characters from personal experiences and beliefs.

Reis’s second gay paranormal romance, “Infinite Blue,” releases Sept. 8, 2018. Reis infuses the story with feelings and experiences close to her heart. Having witnessed her gay son’s struggle with reconciling who he is with what others think of him, Reis could not be more excited that her novel “Infinite Blue” is releasing on the eve of National LGBT History Month.

“Infinite Blue” is a gay shifter romance about the power of love. Shahin Alcón has always refused to believe his family’s stories about soulmates until he meets his, Cai Banes. More vexing is how his family now seems hell-bent on keeping them apart. Sometimes family acceptance is the thing you desire the most but is the hardest to obtain.

“Infinite Blue” is set in Historic Downtown Manassas and features many local businesses. The author will be attending a book sale/signing at the Cascades Library in Loudoun County on Sept. 29.


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