Local Author Releases Her Debut Book, “The Big Day”

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Local labor and delivery expert Sherri Washington has released her debut book, The Big Day: A Practical Guide for Labor, Delivery, and more — a short guide to all things pregnancy and birthing. The book was produced by Rebecca Barnes Media in early 2019, and the advice set forth in the book is divided into three sections: Before You Go into Labor, Managing Your Labor and After Your Baby Arrives.

Washington is the founder of Washington Birth Education, LLC, which provides individualized birthing education programs to locals. The idea for The Big Day arose out of the classes she teaches, which include the topics: stages of labor, natural childbirth, breathing and relaxation techniques, when to call your doctor, preterm labor, breast feeding, newborn care and more.

To complete her book, Washington also drew upon her professional medical experience. Out of a 35-year nursing career, she spent 25 years in labor and delivery. She is also certified in Lamaze and hypnobirthing.

“No one gets to the delivery day without some kind of idea of how they want it to go or how they want to nurture their baby afterward,” Washington said. “In essence, I wanted to put things down on paper — what to do before you deliver, what to do while and a little bit of what to do after, to take care of yourself and the baby. Heaven forbid, if people can’t get prenatal care or can’t afford to go to a class, it’s a short book to help them prepare and feel at ease.”

The book also highlights patient rights, which is another one of Washington’s specialties as a certified Legal Nurse Consultant for medical malpractice lawyers.

In contrast to many other guides for expecting and new mothers, Washington’s new book is comprehensive with bite-sized chunks of information.

Washington’s book, The Big Day: A Practical Guide for Labor, Delivery, and more, is available now and on sale for $9.99 throughout the month of September. To order the book on Amazon, visit amazon.com/Big-Day-Practical-Guide-Delivery. To learn more about Washington’s birthing classes, visit washingtonbirtheducation.com.





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