Local Author Resident Releases Book 2 in Cyberpunk Noir Series

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MANASSAS, VA – Local author, musician, and long-time resident, Nick Kelly releases “Catwalk: Lineage” on October 31, 2014. Both print and eBook versions will be available on Amazon.com.

Nick Kelly is a veteran musician, trainer and speaker. He is the author of the Leon “Catwalk” Caliber comic and novels, and co-author of the Urban Samurai series with Stacia D. Kelly. Nick coaches those new to the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, and those seeking to achieve their health goals.

Nitro City, 2034.

Leon “Catwalk” Caliber left his cop job in DC behind, only to find that the City of Angels held more dangers than expected. Treatment for his experimental cybernetics are expensive, and Cat is taking dangerous side jobs to pay the bills.

During one of those jobs, Cat crosses paths with a mysterious female assassin wielding a katana. He is framed for murder and on the run from Corporate Security forces. Cat goes underground, only to find that Nitro City has an infestation…of vampires. He soon finds himself in the front lines of a city-wide war between the creatures of the night. Can the killer with a conscience escape the law, defeat the undead, and live to see another day?



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