Local Author Reveals an Honest and Vulnerable Life Experience, in Hopefulness to Help Others

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Provided by Tina Boyd

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Tina Boyd

Tina E. Boyd, recently released her book “The Ride of Your Life, Faith will Move you Forward” the story takes place right here in the beautiful piedmont region of Virginia.  Ten years ago, Tina hit a cyclist and took his life, today she shares the process she had to go through to move forward.  An accident rarely affects only one person, families on each side of a tragedy must work to understand how to restore your life and forgive. Faith and love must be a part of the healing for both sides, in order to move forward.

Years of journaling and reflecting helped Tina to develop the “front wheel” model which embraces a highly visual, kinetic, and common image– of a front wheel of a bicycle as a tool.  The concept helps readers come to understand the spiritual journey to give a beautiful and joyful ride no matter what has happened in your life.  Building upon her life-changing personal event, she brings the details of riding a bike into conversation with the discipline of becoming more faithful on her ride by growing her relationship with God.

Tina shared, “Life challenges come and we often don’t know where to turn, I was fortunate that I had my faith.  I believe when struggles come on our ride in life, prayer becomes an idea to everyone.  We entertain the thought of opening up our heart to God and when we do open up, the realities of miracles appear to us in the form forgiveness and healing, leading us back to a beautiful and joyous life on our ride!”

Tina is continuing to move forward with her ride with speaking engagements throughout the country, continuing to write and she will be releasing a workbook to coincide with the book.  She is holding local workshops to help others move forward with their current and past challenges.  She is planning a bike a thon, “The Ride of Your Life” and all proceeds will be donated to Brain Injury Services.

To find out more about Tina E. Boyd, purchase a book go or learn about the bike a thon go towww.tinaeboyd.com  a portion of the book sales are donated to Brain Injury Services in Virginia,www.braininjurysvcs.org http://bookstore.westbowpress.com/Products/SKU-000960963/The-Ride-of-Your-Life.aspx

Book Reviews

“While loss eventually comes to each and every life, our response to loss is unique and personal. Tina Boyd’s open and candid pilgrimage gives us an honest portrayal of loss through the eyes of faith. Her story provides hopeful and helpful nuggets that will no doubt encourage many on their own road toward recovery, redemption, freedom, and purpose.”

–Nancy Waltermire Schulze, widow of Montana’s Secretary of State, Jim Waltermire.

Co-Founder (with Vonette Bright), The American Prayer Initiative.

“By far one of the most inspirational reads I have ever read! Tina Boyd uniquely writes with such raw emotion and tenderness that we feel as though we are definitely walking (or riding) right alongside her as she shares her journey. Especially loved her journal accounts; she doesn’t hold anything back. As we go along, the tools that she shares allow us to deal with whatever comes our way. And, when you are done, you literally have this realization that if you just have the faith, all with be okay. Thanks Tina! Well done! By opening your heart and your voice, all will benefit; truly a gift to all who read it!” C. Hitt


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