Local Gaming Tournaments Bring Gamers Together for Some Friendly Competition

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By Helena Tavares Kennedy

Sponsored by Tech Time Gaming

With the $3 million winner of Fortnite all over the news lately, people are looking at video game tournaments and competitions in a different light.

But Tech Time Gaming has been helping improve gamers’ skills for a while through their own tournaments. “Our tournaments are in a variety of games, including our most popular one, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, followed by Fortnite,” said Tech Time Owner Stephen Theobald. “The SSBU matches are every Wednesday and the Fortnite ones are every Monday. We also have monthly events in games like Call of Duty and Mario Kart 8, and we are adding to those games all the time.”  The events regularly draw 15-25 gamers and have drawn as many as 50.

Sports-Themed Events

Stay tuned for more from Tech Time Gaming, as next month they will introduce some sports-themed events, such as Madden 20 (football), FIFA 19 (soccer) and NBA 2K19 (basketball).

“While most of our events are aimed at young adults, from time to time we do hold events specifically targeted at kids 13 and under in order to give them a chance to compete,” said Theobald. “The adult events offer cash prizes. The youth events offer gift cards for places like McDonald’s and services like Xbox Live.”


With national and international tournaments becoming more mainstream, Tech Time Gaming customers and competitors “dispel the notion of gamers being people with unnatural hair colors and way too many piercings,” said Theobald. “Our players are students and jobholders who enjoy gaming with their friends as a way to blow off some stress after school or work. We are like a clubhouse for gamers.”

Terrin Woodward, who goes by True Draco Wolf online, is a big fan of Mario Kart and other racing games. Woodward organizes Mario Kart tournaments for Tech Time Gaming, usually on the third Sunday of every month. The next Mario Kart tournament hosted by Tech Time Gaming is on Sept. 22.

The best part of the tournaments, said Woodward, is to “bring family and friends together to have fun time and have friendly competition. It’s made for all ages and everyone that wants to learn, train, get better, and get to e-sports.” Woodward’s plan is to bring Mario Kart onto e-sports list and not just a family fun game.

If you want to check it out for yourself, Theobald recommends the best time to do so is during Tech Time Gaming’s Monday evening Fortnite tournaments at 7:00 p.m. or their Wednesday evening Super Smash Brothers Ultimate tournaments at 7:30 p.m.


Tech Time Gaming is a sleek, modern, clean and welcoming space that caters to casual and serious gamers alike and is conveniently located just off Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge. Our staff includes friendly and knowledgeable gaming enthusiasts. We partnered with E-Blue, a leading Hong Kong-based maker of gaming gear and owner of LAN centers to bring you a state-of-the-art environment for esports. For more information, go to Tech Timegaming.com or look them up on Facebook or Twitter.


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