Local Indie Band Has Top Project on All of Kickstarter

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Local metal band A Sound of Thunder currently has the most popular music project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. The band was formed in Vienna, Virginia in 2009 and is currently based in the Manassas historic district. They announced their new album The Krimson Kult on Wednesday, April 28 with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording of the album. The project quickly became the #1 trending music project on the entire platform, and currently sits as both the most funded and most backed active music project.

A Sound of Thunder has been quietly building a worldwide fanbase for over ten years. The band members, all of whom live and work in Northern Virginia, have been pouring their spare time into the band, first playing local venues like Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield (later Empire), Baltimore’s Ottobar and DC’s The Pinch.

In 2011 the band first worked with Vienna-based music producer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez, who holds two RIAA platinum records for his work on the soundtrack of the first Twilight film and with mega-selling rock band Shinedown. Despite being lauded for his more commercial work, Gutierrez shared A Sound of Thunder’s love of heavy metal. The group and Gutierrez proceeded to create a series of studio albums together.

Then in 2017 the hard work finally paid off when the band’s metaled-up rendition of the Catalan anthem “Els Segadors” went viral in Spain. The song was released as a single in the aftermath of the October 1st, 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia and the ensuing police violence and public demonstrations. The song eventually reached the Top 40 and thrust A Sound of Thunder in front of a new audience and into the midst of political upheaval.

Despite their raised profile, the band remains independent, sticking with their strategy of funding their albums and other projects on Kickstarter, rather than signing with a record label. The band now claims seven of the top 25 most funded Kickstarter campaigns of all time in the metal category. This success has been driven by offering creative rewards, such as offering fans the opportunity to sing back-up vocals on the band’s albums, or to choose cover songs for the band to record. More so it has been driven by the band’s unassuming, hard working ethos and accessibility to fans.

The band members have all weathered the COVID-19 pandemic and continue working their day jobs in the DMV area. Drummer Chris Haren is a physical therapist in Arlington. Bassist Jesse Keen is an IT contractor in Alexandria. Guitarist Josh Schwartz is a music teacher in Manassas. Vocalist Nina Osegueda is a defense contractor in Springfield. They’re just like any other Northern Virginia natives. They just also happen to be one of the biggest independent metal bands in the world.

Click here for The Krimson Kult. For more information on A Sound of Thunder, visit asoundofthunderband.com

A Sound of Thunder

Cover art for The Krimson Kult by Joseph Schmalke


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