Local Private School Highlights PWC’s Diversity with Unique Annual Event

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Provided by Prince William Academy


On January 29th, 2016, Prince William Academy (PWA) will hold its annual International Day Celebration.  International Day is a beloved tradition at PWA, one that students, staff, and parents eagerly anticipate each year.

According to the school’s website, www.princewilliamacademy.com, PWA is a secular private school located in Lake Ridge, VA, that celebrates “the importance of diversity and respect,” and helps students “excel in a global environment.”  Indeed, respect for diversity and other cultures led the school’s founding director, Dr. Samia Harris, to start International Day nearly 30 years ago. All students, from preschool through middle school, participate in the festivities.

International Day marks the culmination of International Month, during which each class chooses a country and learns about its culture, traditions, folklore, language, history, and foods. On International Day, students embark on a “world tour,” passports in hand, for a unique sensory and culinary experience in every classroom. PWL Students will perform dances, skits, and songs, and offer special foods to showcase their knowledge of each country. This year, 15 countries are represented, including China, Egypt, France, India, Trinidad, and Vietnam.

PWA parents and staff members will also give presentations about their own home countries and cultural heritage, featuring demonstrations of traditional dress, dance, music, maps and flags, and regional foods. Parent-Teacher Council President Dahlia Lichter says the goal is for children and parents alike to “experience the rich cultural diversity of our school families.”

Following the presentations, the school’s language clubs will perform songs in the languages they study at PWA –  French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic.

Tours of the school’s campus are held daily, and will be offered as usual during the event.  Anyone interested in learning more about PWA may call 703-491-1444, email office@princewilliamacademy.com, or visit the school’s website to schedule a tour.


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