Local Real Estate Team to Donate Commission from 100th Home Sold in 2017

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Provided by AJ Team of Keller Williams Realty

The Maddy Wagon, a local charity that assists families with children battling pediatric cancer, won AJ Team Realty’s 100th Home Sale Local Charity Contest. The group will receive a $5,000 donation from the proceeds of the team’s 100th home sold.

“The win for The Maddy Wagon is fitting because September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,” said AJ Team CEO Allen Johnson. “We could not have planned it better!”

The Maddy Wagon is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by Edwin and Brandi Garrett to raise funds for their little girl, “Maddy”, who was diagnosed with Stage IV Childhood Cancer High Risk Neuroblastoma when she was just three years old.

“[Maddy] had cancer in her shoulders, her hips, her legs, her lower spine, her bones and bone marrow and an abdominal tumor the size of a small melon, which was initially inoperable as it was wrapped around major organs and arteries … her right kidney [also]pressed down on her right leg. She could not walk.” Mrs. Garrett shared. “She was given only a 30% chance at survival.”

After enduring countless hospitalizations, nine cycles of chemotherapy, MIBG radiation therapy, oncology radiation therapy, numerous surgeries including the resection of the tumor, a stem cell transplant, and antibody therapy, 8-year-old Maddy is now cancer free.

“With her victory won, our goal through this non-profit organization expanded to help Maddy’s fellow fighters as much as possible in their courageous battles with childhood cancer, and provide them with smiles along the way!  Although Maddy is healed, there are thousands of other children who are not.  We must raise childhood cancer awareness and funds for cures, as well as assist other deserving families currently battling childhood cancer!” said Mrs. Garrett. “We sincerely thank AJ Realty Team for helping us give the most support possible to Raise Childhood Cancer Awareness, Raise Funds for Cures and Support Families in the Fight!  Your $5,000 tax deductible donation will be used to help pediatric cancer patients and their families!”

According to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund website, each day 42 families in the United States receive the news that their child or teen has cancer and every week 38 kids pass away from cancer. The Maddy Wagon is one of the many local and national groups working to provide support to families in need.

To learn more about The Maddy Wagon and to get involved in the fight, visit their website: themaddywagon.org.

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