Local Running Group Seeks to Break Top Myths about Marathon Running

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Provided by USAFit Woodbridge


With National Running Day just around the corner on June 1, USA Fit Woodbridge seeks to break the top myths about what an actual long distance runner looks like. The local full and half marathon training group program will kick off its 2016 season with two orientation events on May 28 and June 4 at Ashland Community Square in Manassas and accept registrations online through July 15 at USAFitWoodbridge.com.
“Most people don’t believe they can complete a full or half marathon for various reasons,” said USA Fit Woodbridge Organizer and Head Coach Vicky Alvarado. “Our mission at USA Fit is to show people they absolutely can succeed by providing training plans for every fitness level in a fun, non-intimidating and safe environment.”
Alvarado had never run before signing up with USA Fit in 2013. She initially joined to lose weight and complete a half marathon. It was only after joining USA Fit did she feel confident to complete a full marathon. Since then, she lost 20 pounds and completed several 5Ks, 10Ks, a half marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon.
Now, as a coach, she hopes to bring the same motivation and encouragement that her coaches and fellow members gave her to help runners and walkers around the Woodbridge area reach their own personal goals.
According to Alvarado, the top myths about marathon running include:
·       Marathoners must be young.
·       Marathoners must be athletes.
·       It is not possible to walk 13.1 or 26.2 miles.
·       Running long distances is dangerous to one’s health.
·       Runners must be a certain weight or size to successfully run a full or half marathon.

She said that members of USA Fit Woodbridge defy all of these myths and have gone on to complete half and full marathons during their very first seasons with the group as well as meet personal health and fitness goals.
“The most rewarding part of our job as coaches is to see members achieve so much more than they thought possible, no matter their fitness level or stage in life,” said Alvarado. “The only thing we ask our members to show up with is a goal and the passion to meet it. We take care of the rest.”
Registration for USA Fit Woodbridge is $115 for new members and $105 for returning members. Runners meet Saturday mornings at Ashland Community Square for ability-based group trainings, enjoy weekly seminars and social events throughout the season and benefit from the encouragement and expertise of certified coaches. To learn more and to register, visit USAFitWoodbridge.com.
USA Fit Woodbridge is a part of USA Fit, a family of marathon and half marathon group training programs based in Houston, Texas. Since 1989, thousands of runners and walkers across the country have become fitter, happier and mentally stronger through USA Fit’s non-intimidating, safe and highly effective programs. For more information about USA Fit Woodbridge, visit usafitwoodbridge.com. For more information about USA Fit, visit usafit.com.

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