Local Volunteers Show Some “AMOR” to Georgetown South

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Provided by Leadership Prince William

On Saturday, April 21, the 2018 Class of Leadership Prince William, together with Comcast employees and a total of over 200 volunteers, gathered in the Manassas neighborhood of Georgetown South for five hours of service. The massive beautification effort was a part of the 17th Annual Comcast Cares Day, something Leadership Prince William graduates and supporters have participated in for the last four years. As a special gift to Georgetown South, Leadership Prince William class members came up with the idea for an AMOR sign, similar to the LOVE signs seen across Virginia; a nod to the roughly 87% Spanish-speaking population of Georgetown South. The sign was made from pallets and will be displayed near the community vegetable garden.

Andrea Short, Executive Director for Leadership Prince William, explained why Georgetown South was chosen for this year’s project: “The community at-large has long held a negative perception of Georgetown South. But today that perception is no longer valid. Aside from the beautification and safety improvement projects we did, the real  ‘why’ of this project was to bring attention to the great work that has already been done there. I think our volunteers were very impressed with the community and its people.”

Painting the AMOR sign at Georgetown South

Armed with shovels, paintbrushes, drills and rakes, the volunteers completed a long list of projects in the allotted time, including 2oo yards of mulch spread over 13 playgrounds; prepping the community vegetable garden for planting; painting and decorating 31 picnic tables; planting 18 flower boxes; and applying a fresh coat of paint to the fences along Grant Avenue—the public face of Georgetown South. The volunteers also completed a unique project to improve public safety.  A small team affixed 860 house numbers to rear fences for every single residence in Georgetown South, enabling police and fire to locate houses more quickly and accurately.

Georgetown South Community Manager Meg Carroll and her staff committed time and resources to extensive prep work so that volunteers could achieve the maximum amount of results on event day.


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