Lock Your Car Doors to Prevent Theft

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Provided by Prince William County

Police Officers advise people to take valuables out of cars, lock the vehicles, even in their own driveways and close car doors and windows to keep valuables from being stolen.

“Larcenies can occur anytime,” said Prince William County Master Police Officer Juan Trujillo. “A large issue we have is people leaving packages in vehicles in the parking lot while they return to do more shopping, going from one store to the next. It might be in their best interest to take whatever they bought home, especially if it’s a high-priced item.”

In many cases, larceny from vehicles is a crime of opportunity that can be minimized by parking close to stores. “Whenever you park your vehicle, if you have valuable items that you can’t go home to drop off, try to park it in a well-lit area where there are cameras, security guards and people,” Trujillo said.

Trujillo said people should stay alert for questionable behavior such as people checking door handles or peering in car windows. “If you see anyone acting suspiciously in the area, don’t approach them. Normally shopping centers and malls have security. You can let security know that there is suspicious activity.”

“If you have information regarding a case of auto larceny, please contact the Prince William County Police tip line at 703-792-7000 or submit a web tip at pwcva.gov/policetip.


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