How Do I Look?

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Reflection - Version 2Most of us check the mirror in the morning while we go about our daily beauty and dressing regimes. But when was the last time, we nodded our head in approval at what we saw?

We know style when we see it and love it when the stylish reflection in the mirror is us. Often this is not what we see, but rather an image in the mirror that no longer embraces or honors authentic personal style. It is important to note style’s association with the appearance. Personal style is visible externally through the visual appearance. When style is not encouraged to display itself through appearance, it disappears. Style is no longer visible and authentic personal aesthetics languish or vanish entirely from sight and recede from view.

From time to time every woman looks at the reflection in the mirror and wonders who is the woman looking back. There are many factors that contribute to languishing personal style: life experiences and transitions, injurious attitudes of self-respect and self-worth, delayed ambitions and goals, unfulfilled hopes and aspirations, the pitfalls of poor shopping habits, and the disconnect between wardrobe concepts and lifestyle requirements. Old habits, attitudes, behaviors and stuff can undermine authentic style and sabotage the declaration of personal aesthetics.

The good news is that at any time authentic style can be reclaimed. It only requires a little coaxing and nurturing to flourish. Celebrating authentic self, understanding personal aesthetics, recognizing the demands of lifestyle, mining experiences for inspiration, and adoring what we choose to wear are simple but vital nutrients for personal style to take root and bloom.

This year, I’m not going to make any grandiose resolutions that I may not be able to keep or fulfill. I am, however, going to honor and celebrate the woman looking back at me from the mirror. I resolve to be kinder and gentler to her. I resolve to not let her personal aesthetics languish or to undermine the development of her personal style. Furthermore, I resolve to nod my head to her in approval at what I see!

Wardrobe & style consultant, Roxy L. Rowton (, spends much of her workweek in the closet or the fitting room helping women look and feel their very best. She makes it her work to help women with practical, effortless solutions in wardrobe construction and selection. She has two plus decades in the fashion, apparel, and beauty industries, as well as a member of the Association of Image Consultants International. Her wardrobe/style consulting business Everyday Refinement is based in Prince William County.


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