Looking for Lifeguards

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Provided by Prince William County

The Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation are looking for lifeguards and is hosting a hiring event between 5:00 and 7:00 p. m. on May 31 at Splashdown Waterpark at 7500 Ben Lomond Park Road in Manassas.

“We’re looking for a well-rounded candidate that is looking for a chance to work in a fun atmosphere, that’s willing to be a part of team, that wants to be outside in the summer, that wants to have fun and just wants to have a good time,” said Department of Parks and Recreation Aquatics Specialist II Kat Fish.

Job seekers should be 15 years or older to work as lifeguards and come to the event with their applications in hand. They should also be ready to interview and take a swim test.  People who interview well and pass the test — which includes swimming 200 yards, retrieving a 10-pound brick from 12 feet of water and treading water for two minutes without using their arms — will receive free lifeguard training that would normally cost about $155, Fish said.

There are benefits to working as a lifeguard, especially for those who return year after year, as there is the opportunity to advance to leadership positions. “Long-term, it is great,” Fish said. “We have staff that have stayed with us for four or five seasons… retention looks awesome on your resume. You’re showing future employers and colleges that you have commitment to a job.”

For more information and applications, visit pwcgov.org  and find the “careers” link. Fish said people who want lifeguard jobs should apply online and bring a completed application to the hiring event on May 31.


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