Lotus Wellness Center Celebrates 10 Years

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By Helena Tavares Kennedy

Sponsored by Lotus Wellness Center

Lotus Wellness Center is celebrating 10 years of operating in Manassas. They’ll be hosting two special events in March to commemorate.

Free Classes and Mini Healing Sessions

On Saturday, March 16 from 9:00 a. m.-5:00 p. m., all classes are FREE and on Sunday, March 17 from 12:00 p. m.-4:00 p. m., all mini healing sessions are FREE! While all events are free, donations will be appreciated. To find out more about the classes visit meetup.com/thelotusandthelight.

Lotus Wellness Center

Uma Alexandra Beepat

How it Started

Ten years ago, Lotus was operating as a massage service from the basement of Uma Alexandra Beepat’s home. It then evolved into Lotus Wellness Center as she brought in Reiki and started teaching meditation, Reiki and yoga classes.

“Over the years we evolved from a holistic wellness center to a metaphysical wellness center where we focus on mind, body and spiritual healing in all aspects,” said Beepat. “It started out with just me and then evolved to having different practitioners and teachers come in over the years, from one bedroom in my house to the entire basement to now 2,000 square feet in an office building!”

Beepat got the idea of a wellness center starting as young as a child. “I was a regular patron of spas since I was 12 years old, thanks to my mom!” said Beepat. “Over the years, I realized that addressing only the body does not heal the pain, and that most pain was emotional that came from storing and not healing wounds received over the years. This fascinated me and I wanted to learn more, so I did. I traveled the world learning about different healing modalities and from different cultures and spiritual paths. I came back to Virginia, and now with over 40+ certifications, I share my knowledge and wisdom with clients and students alike!”

Lotus Wellness Center

Client Testimony

Veronica from Woodbridge said, “I’ve had reiki sessions before that were good and I felt the energy moving within m. With Uma, I felt as if she was affecting my body and soul with her powerful energy. After our session, my communication skills became better and I was able to speak my mind and have confidence behind my words.”

For more information on Lotus Wellness Center, upcoming events, certification classes, services, appointments, and more, visit lotuswellnesscenter.net. To find out more about Uma and her specialties, visit umalotusflower.com.



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