Making the Most of Prince William Living

Are you an advertiser with Prince William Living or interested in becoming one? NOW ONLINE, our publisher Rebecca Barnes will help  you discover how to “Make the Most of Prince William Living.” Meet the people behind greater Prince William’s premier lifestyle magazine as you learn about:

  • Getting your press releases published (including a cool online submission tool!)
  • How photos are important to your online marketing.
  • Tying into the power of our social media presence.
  • Visibility packages that increase your reach to targeted consumers
  • Tips on how to focus on your message.

Now Available ON DEMAND! Previous attendees have said:

“I enjoyed hearing different perspectives and ideas about marketing and pr.”

“You don’t want to miss the next event. It was well worth my time, and it helped me understand how I can better leverage our partnership with Prince William Living.”

“PWL cares about its advertisers.”

Please join us and “Make the Most of Prince William Living!”  


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