Main Street Streetscape

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City-SealCity of Manassas, VA . . . Residents of the City of Manassas may be wondering what is going on down on Main Street in the Old Town area. The City of Manassas is making an investment in the City’s Old Town area by improving the streetscape along Main Street from the Norfolk Southern Railroad to Quarry Road. The project has many elements that are intended to make the street more pedestrian friendly and more conducive to citizens and visitors wanting to shop, dine and walk along the street.

“This is another step in the City’s strategic plan to promote our vibrant Old Town area and all it has to offer,” said Public Works and Utilities Director Mike Moon.

In 2000, the City began recreating the Old Town area by making an investment in the Candy Factory and creating the Loy E. Harris Pavilion. In 2005/06 the sidewalks on Center Street were widened and streetscapes improved. In 2008, improvements were made to Battle Street. Now, throughout the summer residents and visitors can take in a band while dining or shopping along Battle Street orattend a cultural event at the Harris Pavilion or the Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory.

“I can hardly wait for the new and improved Main Street! Conducting business as usual during the construction will be a challenge,” said Christine M. Finnie, owner of the Whimsical Gallery on Center Street, “but the City has been proactive in getting the word out to residents that Old Town is still open! Previous Old Town improvements – Center Street, Battle Street, the Walkway, and the Harris Pavilion – have seen such great success and Main Street merchants, restaurants and businesses will all benefit from the more welcoming ambiance that will be created outside their doors. I’m sure the wider sidewalks, potential for outdoor dining, and street trees will encourage more visitors to want to spend time on Main Street, as well as the rest of Old Town.”

The improvements to Main Street will widen narrow sidewalks from the current width of four to eight feet up to five and a half to 16 feet. This will allow for outside dining and improved pedestrian areas. The streetscape will add 19 Allee Lacebark Elm and Green Vase Japanese Zelkova trees to the area, and add nice looking brick cross walks to the street. Parking will include 10 parallel spaces.

According to the City’s Commissioner of Revenue John Grzejka, who assesses growth in City business through the meals tax, there has been an increase of almost 50 percent in dining business in the Old Town area since improvements were made to Battle Street in 2009.

The Main Street Streetscapes project budget is $1.075 million dollars and is currently in the process of being put out to bid. Utility relocations for the project are already underway. Roadwork should start in late July and be completed by Nov. 1, 2013. For questions or concerns about this project, contact Patrick Moore at 703-257-8266.


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