Manassas City Police Department Offers Crime Prevention Tips

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Provided by Manassas City Police Department

On Nov. 27, officers met with a resident who stated that he is in the process of purchasing a vehicle through eBay and had been corresponding with the seller via email. The victim sent eBay gift cards through email to the seller, but never received the vehicle.

The Police Department offers the following tips for this type of situation:

  • When buying a car or other high-priced item try to deal with local sellers.
  • Avoid purchasing cars when you are unable to see the vehicle in person.
  • Don’t trust a seller that says the transaction is guaranteed by a website such as eBay, Craigslist, and PayPal. These sites do not offer guarantees in all situations.
  • If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

And, this past weekend, the Manassas Police Department responded to a report of a larceny from a motor vehicle. The investigation revealed that the vehicle’s doors were unlocked and a backpack was taken from the vehicle. The Police Department offers tips for preventing this type of crime:

  • Lock all vehicle doors and windows. (It doesn’t hurt to double-check. Many victims thought they had left their vehicles locked before the theft took place. “Before you sleep, make sure it beeped!”)
  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit and/or in a populous location
  • Conceal all valuables before arriving at your destination. Never underestimate the value of something to someone else. Even spare change can entice a thief to break in and steal other items once inside.
  • Report all suspicious activity by calling 703-257-8000. It never hurts to have a pen and paper ready by the phone in the event you are able to provide a description of what you saw.



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