Manassas City Schools and Students Receive an Investment from Local Business Community.

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Commitment made to provide electronic devices for families do not own one.

The City of Manassas Schools has a new initiative to help all city preschoolers learn basic English groupskills before entering kindergarten.  Accomplishing that goal will accelerate learning by roughly three years compared to those who wait until they enter kindergarten to begin learning English.  The centerpieces of that initiative are a software app called ‘Footsteps to Brilliance’ and training for parents in how to use it to help their children learn.

Before deciding to acquire the program, the school system determined that they were going to need some help ensuring that all pre-school families had at least one electronic device at home.  To make sure that all children had an opportunity to benefit, they would need to find a way to close the device gap.

’EDGE: Manassas’  stepped in to help. The organization was formed to engage the business community in boosting Manassas City Schools.  Its members recognize the critical link between education and economic vitality.

The group’s leaders were impressed with the schools’ new initiative.   With initial funding provided by Coleman Rector of Weber-Rector Commercial Real-Estate, Andy Harrover of Matrix Computer Consulting, Rex Parr of Didlake and Dalena Kanouse of MTCI, a commitment was made to provide electronic devices for families that did not own one.

On October 2, EDGE: Manassas visited Weems Elementary School with laptop computers for 3 Children at Weems and 4 more at two other areas schools.  This brings to ten the number of children invested in so far.

As EDGE: Manassas identifies additional investment opportunities, it will reach out to organizations that have already expressed support for the mission, like Apple Federal Credit Union, BAE Systems,  Didlake, George Mason University, Matrix Computer Consulting, MTCI, Novant Health Prince William Medical Center,  Prince William Chamber of Commerce Weber-Rector Real Estate, Services and others.


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