Manassas Recognized as Fiber Friendly City by BroadBandNow

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Provided by City of Manassas

The City of Manassas has received recognition as a “Fiber-Friendly City” from BroadBandNow. BroadBandNow is an internet service rating website and an advocate for improving broadband speed, access and affordability nationwide.

Over 90% of Manassas residents have access to fiber broadband services, which is one of the benchmarks and core best practices used as criteria for this recognition. The City has 23 internet providers, eight of whom offer residential service, achieving broadband access for 92% of residents. Manassas has taken additional steps to strengthen connectivity through a variety of initiatives, including free Wi-Fi throughout Historic Downtown.

Connectivity and other technology considerations are an important piece of the puzzle for companies choosing Manassas as the new home for their business. In recent years, Manassas has emerged as an outstanding location for new, relocating and expanding businesses. Reasons include its strategic Northern Virginia location, affordability, business-centric local government, historic charm and high quality of life.

According to BroadBandNow, Manassas is the 17th most connected city in Virginia. The average download speed in Manassas is 120% faster than the average in Virginia and 67.5% faster than the national average.

BroadBandNow is a leader in helping consumers across the nation find and compare internet service providers in their area. Their Fiber-Friendly City initiative is part of the company’s ongoing effort to highlight excellent work being done by municipalities to close the digital divide.


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