Manassas Regional Airport Ranks #1 in Jobs, Wages and Economic Activity

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Provided by City of Manassas

The Virginia Department of Aviation just released the Economic Impact Study of 57 General Aviation and nine commercial airports.  The findings from this study show that of the $1.1 billion in economic activity created in 2016 by General Aviation airports, Manassas Regional Airport’s economic activity was $375,492,000, with 1,351 aviation jobs and wages of $117,438,000.  These are the highest economic activity numbers of any General Aviation airport in the Commonwealth.

In total, Virginia General Aviation airports created and sustained 6,119 jobs, $361,645,000 in wages and more than $1,061,194,000 in economic activity.  Virginia’s General Aviation airports contribute significantly to economic development, and the Manassas Regional Airport tops the list of contributors.

“We have always known what an asset the Manassas Regional Airport is to the Greater Manassas Region,” said City Manager W. Patrick Pate.  “This study confirms that having an airport provides jobs and a positive financial impact for our citizens.”

The Manassas Regional Airport has more 400-based aircraft, two full service fixed base operators and sees about 90,000 takeoffs/landings a year.  There are two runways, 6,200 feet and 3,700 feet, FAA control tower, direct ramp access, U.S. Customs on request and a host of great features that make this the busiest General Aviation airport in Virginia.

Each day, more than 4,000 aircraft take off and land at Virginia airports bringing in about 23,000 business people and visitors.  This greatly impacts the economic health of the City of Manassas, the surrounding areas and the Commonwealth.

“This study is a testament to the efforts made the by the Airport Commission and the Airport Director to stimulate increased growth of the businesses on and around the airport,” said Airport Commission Chair Dan Radtke.


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