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The Wisest Kid in Whole World Reveals Secrets to Kid Contentment

(Family Features) Kids’ tastes in food are one of life’s great mysteries. Take green beans, for example. Yesterday they were the only vegetable your son would eat, but today, thanks to his new aversion to green foods, he won’t go near them. If this sounds like dinnertime at your house, you’re in luck. A new source suggests parents who want to know how to make their kids happy should just ask a kid. But not just any kid.

Campbell Soup Company announced they “discovered” an eternally eight-year-old boy who embodies the collective wisdom of kids everywhere.  Though details about his discovery and background have been withheld, the company confirmed it will team up with the boy, known as The Wisest Kid in the Whole World, to offer parents advice about what makes kids happy – including kid-friendly mealtime tips, recipes and more.

“It just took one glance to realize this bearded boy was someone special,” said Leah Dunmore, vice president of U.S. Soup at Campbell Soup Company. “We knew he would be the perfect partner to help us share the secrets to kid contentment when he said, ‘it’s not that kids are picky eaters, they’re just selectively hungry.'”

When it comes to getting children to eat their vegetables, The Wisest Kid in the Whole World said, “broccoli on the side gets denied.” He offered a recipe idea that folds broccoli florets into a creamy chicken Alfredo dish, which is a great way to introduce veggies at mealtime.

To learn more about The Wisest Kid in the Whole World or to connect with him directly, visit or And, while you’re there, you can also capture the wise things your kids say with an interactive tool that turns those humorous and precious moments into images you can share online.

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