Meet Prince William Living Photographer Tavan Smith

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By Carole Keily | Photos by Tavan Smith

You’ve probably seen Tavan Smith’s photos here on Prince William Living’s website and in the print magazine. He has covered a number of events, including awards ceremonies, a spelling bee, local festivals, and even the White House Christmas Tree lighting. He’s also taken photos of local landmarks.

A local student in a national spelling bee

Tavan got started as a photographer when he was in high school. He’s always been interested in photography, and his grandmother gave him a camera for Christmas one year. “Yes, it was long enough ago that it was a film camera!” Tavan said. One of his first assignments was with his high school yearbook.

“I’m a sports guy,” Tavan said, and some of his early work included covering sports for InsideNova. In addition to photographing the players in a game, he took sideline photos and provided news coverage.

A native of the Bahamas, Tavan lived for a time in Fairfax County before moving to Prince William County. He said he likes being involved in the community.

And that community involvement carries over to his professional position, on a finance team in the County’s Department of Transportation. At any given time, the team is working on projects relating to roadwork, road widenings, and streetlights, among others.

Tavan is available to photograph events such as birthday parties and graduations. Learn more about him and see his work at

tavan smith photography

Carole Keily is Prince William Living‘s Online Editor.



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