Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

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Provided by The Human Services Alliance of Greater Prince William

Some tips, tools, and resources from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) which will help you to focus on your mental well-being this summer and stay cool and calm.

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in Rural Communities

MHFA is addressing stigma and lack of access to care for people who live in nonmetropolitan areas by offering MHFA for Rural Communities. Learn more.

How to Ward Off the Sunday Scaries

It can feel like a pit in your stomach. Or maybe it makes your heart flutter. Sometimes, it can escalate and paralyze you into staying in bed. The commonality: It always hits on Sundays. What is this dreaded feeling of anxiety and dread? Find out what you’re feeling and how to cope!

 Five Tips to Help Manage Recovery During Summer

Navigating summertime social gatherings can be difficult when in recovery from mental health and substance use challenges. There are ways you can enjoy socializing and still be conscious of your personal physical and mental wellbeing. Find out how.


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