Minimizing Costs Through Business Automation

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By Helleni Moon

Helleni Moon

Automating certain day-to-day business tasks can save your business time and money. Focusing on activities that add the most value will better your competitive advantage and improve your bottom line. Tasks that are easily automated include collecting customer data, updating orders, scheduling shipping times, and processing submitted payments; most routine tasks related to inventory ordering and tracking are perfect for automation. As these business activities do not generate revenue, it is a smart business decision to automate them.

Business process automation software will free you up from three activities that do not earn money: manual appointment setting, follow up phone calls, and answering emails related to re-scheduled appointments and no-shows. Automatic booking and scheduling software allows your customers to establish appointments and receive reminders, which can eliminate up to 70% of traditional communications and 40% of the time to perform these same tasks. Benefits of automatic booking and scheduling include customized scheduling and reminders, decreased time spent responding to phone calls or emails, reduced no-shows, and 24/7 service availability. Implementing automation will improve the existing scheduling process, enable feedback from customers to be more quickly obtained, and can assist with online promotional and social media campaigns. Some automation software suites are SAAS programs, which stands for “software as a service.” These programs can be set to launch specific tasks at certain times, dates, or intervals. In addition, tasks can be set to launch in response to a specified event and integrates seamlessly with several calendar programs, such as Outlook or Gmail.

The initial cost of automation software largely depends on the brand and features. Moreover, some programs may come with a monthly subscription fee. Before selecting one, it is important to make sure it fits your business’s needs and objectives. Once you set up your account, integration with your business website is a quick and easy process; you can even customize the color and font choices to match your company logo.



Helleni Moon is the owner of EIDOS Technologies (, which is headquartered in Manassas. Helleni is a lifelong resident of the DMV area: she raised in Potomac, Maryland, educated at American University and currently resides in Woodbridge.


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