Mixed Use District

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Provided by Prince William County

Have you ever imagined living in a neighborhood where you can walk to a cafe to get a cup of coffee or to a restaurant to get dinner without having to get into your automobile to get to these retail services? Over the past two years, the Prince William County Planning Office has worked with the community and stakeholders to make this a possibility.

On March 2, 2021, the Prince William Board of County Supervisors adopted a new zoning district called the Mixed Use District. This new district will provide a flexible land development zoning category intended to encourage a mix of residential and commercial uses in a single zoning designation for multiple, integrated and related buildings for use as a tool to implement the long-range vision of the Small Area Plans.

This new zoning district will allow for developments similar to Belmont Bay or Neabsco Commons in Prince William County, One Loudoun in Loudoun County and the Mosaic District in Fairfax County but placing greater focus on multi-modal oriented opportunities that encourage connectivity through pedestrian, bicycle and transit networks.

The Mixed Use District is built around the concept of flexibility. A variety of complementary uses allows any development within the district the ability to adapt to changing real estate market conditions thereby reducing the number of vacancies, which helps the County’s local economy.

Over the next few months, Planning staff will begin working on a series of public meetings to educate stakeholders on a variety of recently approved amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.


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