Mock Election at Beville Middle School — Who Won?

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Provided by Prince William County Schools


Eighth-graders at Beville Middle School cast their votes today in the Presidential Election, but on a mock ballot that closely resembled what their parents will see on November 8. Like real elections, there were long lines and (momentary) delays at the voting booths (though not any more than lunch lines). Students were questioned by an election “official” who checked class lists and their identity before they received a ballot.

Two students had anxiously texted family members to bring their student identification to school. Marna Miller got approval from her employer to take off so she could deliver her daughter Sarah’s identification. “I was teleworking today, so that worked well,” said Miller. Sarah was taking the election very seriously. “It’s important. Every vote makes a difference; they all count.”

Victor Morgan’s older sister Alexis, an Osbourn Park High School student, dropped off his i.d. at the front office. “He said I needed to get it here by 11:53,” she said. Victor was scheduled to vote at noon.

After weeks of research and lively class discussions, social studies teachers Atif Qarni, James McGovern, and Tiffany Graczyk say their students were well informed on the issues surrounding this election.

“We have simulated a real-life experience for the kids to get an idea of what it is like to go through a voting process. In leading up to this we have given our kids multiple opportunities to analyze many issues about all the candidates and independently shape their own minds and opinions and decide who to vote for,” said Qarni.

Several students said the big issues for them were immigration, guns, and refugees. Syrell Grier, president of the Student Council, emphasized how important it is to learn about the election process. “It’s a civic responsibility to be informed and to vote,” he said.

Like the Presidential Election, a bevy of news reporters were at Beville to cover the election and spoke with many students after they had voted. Election results were announced before students were dismissed today: Hillary Clinton, 242; Donald Trump, 32. Other votes were spread among independents, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and write-in candidates.


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