Former Monetary Fund Consultant Brings Signarama to Gainesville

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Provided by Signarama

Retired IMF Consultant Opens Top-Rated Signage Franchise

(GAINESVILLE, Va.)—Jim Butler knows a thing or two about what makes for a successful business. As a one-time management consultant for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Butler was dedicated to ensuring financial stability, sustained growth and increased employability. Now, Butler will be translating that entrepreneurial acumen to his role as owner of Signarama of Gainesville, located at 7965 Heritage Village Plaza and serving the Gainesville, Manassas and Haymarket areas starting in mid-April.

Jim Butler, owner of Signarama of Gainesville

Jim Butler, owner of Signarama of Gainesville

With Signarama, Butler will be providing custom signage solutions including vehicle wrapping, banners, letters, displays and more to help businesses grow their brand. A franchisee of the company Entrepreneur Magazine rated as the top signage franchise in North America, Butler will leverage an impressive background in business to ensure his Signarama stands out from area competitors with a customer-centric policy.

“I am a retired management consultant that has spent many years working for large corporations, so I’ve learned the value of customer support,” said Butler. “I will apply that same premium on customer support to my Signarama. Every customer is important and deserves to have our full attention. Moreover, I will use my project management experience to ensure that my staff fully understand and document the goal, scope and objectives from each customer.”

Inspired to own a Signarama location based on the company’s reputation as conveyed by both customers and existing Signarama franchisees alike, Butler brings a lifetime of experience to the fold. An emphasis on fostering a good reputation within the community using that experience, Butler said, is exactly the same goal he’ll seek as he grows his own Signarama.

“There was a time when I worked for a fast food franchise as a cook,” said Butler. “I was covered in grease and smelled like French fries when my shift was done. But believe it or not I learned some of my most important lessons on how to run a business from the experience. Chief among them was that customer satisfaction is the key to growing a business. That was true during my time working with the IMF, and it’ll be just as true with Signarama.”

For a man who worked with companies like Bank of America, Wachovia, Renaissance Worldwide Inc., Micro Warehouse and IBM, Butler had a great deal of exposure to entrepreneurs. But, he said, it wasn’t until coming upon Signarama that he believed he had found a business opportunity with which he could find success of his own.

“I reviewed many franchise opportunities over a period of five years and I was not happy with the structure, support and brand recognition of the franchises I had seen,” said Butler. “That remained the case until I came across the United Franchise Group and Signarama. This was the only organization that took the time to educate me on their products, processes, procedures and business approach. That approach to a would-be franchisee told me all I needed to know about the support the company would grant me and I was sold. Signarama is committed to making franchisees grow and I’m committed to providing the kind of signage services to the community to make that happen.”


Signarama is part of a successful system of franchise brands and development services under the United Franchise Group. As part of the $49-billion-plus worldwide sign market, Signarama has been at the forefront of the sign industry for more than two decades. Approaching 900 locations worldwide, the company expects to have more than 1,200 locations worldwide by the end of 2016. For more information visit


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