Months of Pain and Unanswered Questions Ended at Sentara Wound Healing Center

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Contributed by Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Every year, hundreds of patients make their way to the Sentara Wound Healing Center. After three months of misery and unsuccessful visits to nearly a half a dozen doctors around the region, Andria Post became one of those patients and found herself in the office of Dr. Carol Shapiro.

Andria, an active 72-year-old, woke up one February morning with what looked like a bite on the back of her calf, just above her ankle.

“It started off as a dot, but just grew,” she said.

Post visited several doctors with little luck. “No one seemed to know what was going on and no one was listening to me. I was in extreme pain,” she said.

With each doctor, the dot grew larger and more severe. What was once a small bite turned into a wound affecting every aspect of her life. The vibrant retiree soon had trouble walking, sleeping and performing everyday tasks, which once came easily.

“I had appointments with five medical doctors and their findings were inconclusive with no recommendations or processes to offer. To say I was disillusioned would be an understatement,” said Post.

As Post was losing hope, her physical therapist recommended Dr. Carol Shapiro at the Sentara Wound Healing Center. “Dr. Shapiro is a miniature pit-bull,” Post said with a smile. “Her knowledge and zest for information made all the difference.”

Dr. Shapiro ran a series of tests and determined that Post’s bump was actually the combination of an infection and a spider bite. After collaborating with medical professionals throughout the DMV, Dr. Shapiro developed a plan of care to help get Post on her feet again.

“Dr. Shapiro listened. She took valuable time with me and showed her concern from a doctor to patient,” said Post.

With Dr. Shapiro’s expertise, Post is now on the mend, “I’m elated to report the wound is healing with beautiful pink tissue, a rebirth of new skin. Cadaver grafting was not needed. The pain has diminished to barely a blip on the radar screen although I am still using a colorful walking cane for support,” she said.

Post says if it were not for Dr. Shapiro and the team at Sentara Wound Healing Center, she does not know where she would be…

“From the ease of scheduling an appointment to the initial greeting at my first visit was truly welcoming. The staff was more than cordial and welcoming and they were there to assist. I was made to feel that my health and well-being was extremely important to them. Their actions made me feel that I was ‘on the top of their list’ to remedy the ailment. Quite frankly, I felt as though I was MRS. SENTARA!” she said, laughing.

Post’s only regret is not finding Dr. Shapiro and the team sooner. Her advice to those suffering similar ailments is simple. “Don’t delay, get that medical opinion early and move on!”

If you’re living with a wound or sore that won’t heal, contact the Sentara Wound Healing Center today at 703-523-0660.


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