Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

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Spring is upon us and motorcyclists will be getting ready to hit the road. Unfortunately, the thieves are getting ready too. When it comes to securing your motorcycle, incorporate the safety tips below to create a harder target.

motorcycle theft prevention 3 sided april 2013MAKE YOUR MOTORCYCLE TOUGH TO STEAL

The more time a thief has to spend stealing a motorcycle, the greater the chance of detection. That’s why thieves are looking for the easy, unprotected target – it’s faster. Use the “Layered Approach” to protection:

Layer 1: Common Sense Tips

  • Lock your motorcycle.
  • Don’t leave the keys in the ignition or the motor running.
  • If possible, store your motorcycle in your home, apartment or garage.
  • Lock your motorcycle to a fixed immovable object.
  • Don’t lock your motorcycle in the same location all the time.
  • Lock motorcycles that are being transported on trailers or the back of truck beds.
  • Always secure accessories and components.

Layer 2: High – Security Locks / Visible & Audible Deterrents

For the best protection always use a high-security U-lock or chain. Some examples of different types of locks and other devices are listed below.
  • Rotor Lock
  • Rotor Lock Pack
  • Concrete Anchor Hold
  • New York Lock
  • New York Chain
  • Lockable Motorcycle Cover

Layer 3: Vehicle Immobilizers

  • Alarm & Pager Combo Two – way FM Alarm

Layer 4: Tracking System

  • GPS Recovery System

Earn up to $25,000 for tips on motorcycle thefts.

If you know anything about motorcycle theft, the theft of motorcycle parts, chop-shop activity, and/or theft rings, contact the Virginia Help Eliminate Auto Theft program (H.E.A.T) at 1-800-947-HEAT (4328). You could earn up to $25,000 and can always remain anonymous.
Motorcycle theft prevention tip video:
Please report all suspicious activity immediately by calling:
703-792-6500 (non-emergency)
Tips Courtesy H.E.A.T

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