Moving Up After the Move Out

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By Dominique Mickiewicz

Whether you’re dropping off your first child at college or are officially an empty nester, you’ll often find yourself with extra space and wondering what to do with it. Explore some of our ideas for how to repurpose those empty rooms into creative spaces that help you relax and explore your passions.

Relaxing Reading Room – Clear some space around the house by organizing all your books, magazines and DVDs into your own mini-library. Installing lots of shelving allows you to organize all your favorite reads, in addition to some of those massive textbooks your child brings home at the end of each semester.
Make the space warm and welcoming with ample lighting and comfy chairs, pillows and rugs.

Honing in the Hobby – An empty bedroom can provide the perfect place to set up a hobby room where you can focus on whatever makes your heart sing. From crafting to photography to woodworking, this space can house all your supplies saving set-up time and making it easier to explore and develop your

A Helpful Home Office – Take that tiny desk and chair out of your bedroom and give them a room of their own! Set up a home office in a separate room with plenty of organizational units to reduce clutter. Reclaim your bedroom as a place of rest, and increase your productivity by setting up your files and computer in a separate workspace.

Perfecting the Personal Gym – Save money on the gym membership by bringing the exercise equipment home. Use your extra room to create a personal fitness center complete with weights, exercise machines and yoga mats. Additionally, consider installing a TV and sound system so you can work out with a virtual trainer or listen to motivating music to help you reach your goals.

The Classic Guest Room – Reuse the furniture in an old bedroom to furnish a cozy place for visiting family and friends. Modernize the room by clearing it of your child’s old toys and posters while changing the decor to incorporate sophisticated pieces in neutral colors.

Elevated Entertainment Room – Design your own home theater by painting the walls a dark hue and installing mood lighting that can easily be dimmed or brightened. Center a large TV along one of the walls, and supplement the HD quality with a surround sound system to mimic the experience of a “big screen” show. Top it all off with some cozy reclining chairs and you’re ready to watch the latest flick in style.

With extra space and empty rooms come great potential and possibility. Find the perfect design to repurpose your rooms to fulfill your passions and add to the adventures of your daily life.

Dominique Mickiewicz is a Prince William County native and student at Wellesley College in Wellesley, Mass. She is
currently a writer and production director for the Wellesley Globalist, an international affairs publication, and a prose editor for the Wellesley Review Literary Magazine.


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