Music Channels for Concentration

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By Mark Gilvey

Prince William Living photographer Mark Gilvey tells us what music channels he listens to for concentration.

Mark Gilvey

If, like me, when you can’t concentrate because of the COVID-19 war polluting every thought in your head, you need an escape. Sometimes getting mad about it and throwing on your favorite Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, or even Black Metal doesn’t work well for this purpose.

So how do I concentrate when I’m trying to get work done? First, I turn off all the noise. When I became a business owner five years ago, I had to force myself to stop listening to talk radio because I couldn’t concentrate and run a business. I began a search for music I could work to. I wanted something that had some grooviness to it but stayed in the background. Here’s what works for me; maybe it will inspire you.

  1.  Starstreams: I started listening to “Forest” (he’s the creator of the station) in 1986. I love the blend of this “Exotic Electronica” that lets me tune everything else out and groove. You can listen through their website, which streams from Or, if you want to own some of the music, you can purchase CDs through the Starstreams website.
  2. Focus@Will: If Startstreams style sounds aren’t for you, check out This music is specifically designed to help you concentrate. There are a number of different channels available, including some for people suffering from ADHD. They also have environments, like a coffee shop, as background. This is a paid service.
  3. MixCloud has free and paid accounts and have many genres of music. Just do a search for Ambient if you want the stations I listen to. You’ll find Starstreams and Journeyscapes quite enjoyable.
  4. Calm Radio is another multi-genre platform. There is a limited free version and, of course, a pay version. When I want to dive into acoustic guitar work, piano, or French café music, I go here. They have a very large selection of genres.

Focus@Will, MixCloud, and Calm Radio all have Apps for your phone or tablet. Many of my Woodbridge commercial photography studio clients have complimented my music selection. If you stream on two computers and put one out of sync, Starstreams is oh so cool!


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