My Cravingz Brings Traditional Turkish Cuisine with Resounding Success

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By Jessica Schmitt | Photos by Mark Gilvey

In a food scene as rich and diverse as that of Manassas, it can be a challenge to really stand out. My Cravingz, a restaurant serving up traditional Turkish cuisine, not only stands out, but does so with flying colors and resounding success. Most known for their traditional Turkish brunch and homemade jams, My
Cravingz has become a local favorite, bringing together a wide demographic with their delicious dishes. Their success thus far is astounding and just an introduction of what is yet to come.

My Cravingz

My Surpme

How My Cravingz Started and Its Remarkable Growth

My Cravingz

Leyla Yildizci

My Cravingz began as a home-based operation. Leyla Yildizci, My Cravingz’s founder, was baking pastries and other delicacies for a friend’s grocery store. This shifted into a commercial bakery before eventually transforming into what the community knows as My Cravingz today: a brunch spot for traditional Turkish cuisine, topped off with homemade jams and spreads. They are a proud women-owned, family business. Leyla and husband Salih, who is also an integral part of My Cravingz, also opened Oklava Pastries in 2022, a wholesale pastry business.

Since its beginning, My Cravingz has seen immense growth and success, which it attributes to Leyla’s passion for and commitment to quality food, as well as their excellent service. They not only survived the COVID-19 pandemic, but succeeded in opening a new location in the midst of it. Now, they have garnered a loyal customer base from a variety of backgrounds, making them a hub for cultural exchange and community ties.

They are committed to ensuring customers have a wonderful experience every time they walk through their doors. My Cravingz has been named the best breakfast spot in the area by a variety of platforms, including Yelp, Google, Northern Virginia Magazine, and NextDoor.

Traditional Turkish Cuisine

My Cravingz

Mucver Plate

When it comes to food, quality and authenticity are paramount at My Cravingz. Leyla and her team choose the best ingredients and curate unique, flavorful dishes with inspiration from traditional Turkish meals. Their recipes are all-natural, patent-pending, and built on extreme attention to detail — 90% of everything offered is made in-house. They even make their own butter, ensuring that everything placed before the customers is a reflection of My Cravingz’s mission of excellence.

When dining at My Cravingz, customers can expect dishes made with care and love and to be greeted with quality, authenticity, and hospitality. The dining experience is built on a foundation of dedication, hard work, attention to detail, and excellence.

In addition to its breakfast dishes, My Cravingz has ties to another morning favorite: coffee. Serhat Yildizci, General Manager at My Cravingz, started the company Cezve, which sources Turkish coffee right here in America. Cezve gets its beans from a company in Prince William and uses traditional Turkish methods to deliver exceptional roasts.

My Cravingz Now and in the Future

My Cravingz

Interior of My Cravingz

Today, My Cravingz is an active part of the local community. They sponsor local organizations, such as the Manassas Soccer Club, and are a part of a variety of events in the community. You can find them at farmers’ markets in Northern Virginia, allowing them to serve and connect with even more people in the area.

As for the future, it is looking bright for My Cravingz. Leyla is currently writing a book with natural, healthy Turkish recipes. They hope this book will enhance people’s experiences in the kitchen and further My Cravingz’s goal of serving the community. Leyla and Salih are also looking to create a nonprofit foundation in the future.

Beyond that, My Cravingz hopes to continue expanding and reaching new people. They have a waitlist of people interested in franchising the business and are looking at ways to expand while keeping the values that gave them their success in the first place: quality, authenticity, and excellence.

Visit or follow them on social media, where they post updates and promotions, to learn more. Whether you’re looking for traditional Turkish breakfast, or have been hooked by the idea of homemade jams and pastries, My Cravingz has something special for everyone that will leave your
taste buds dancing and your heart warmed.

Jessica Schmitt is a contributing writer for Prince William Living and can be contacted at


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