New IKEA Collections – and Smart Lighting News

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Provided by IKEA

STUNSIG Collection: This June, IKEA is introducing STUNSIG, a new limited-edition* collection for design and fashion lovers that want to stand out from the crowd. With six talented artists and design teams close to the fashion industry, IKEA created this imaginative and playful collection featuring fun, edgy patterns comprised of fashion photography, cartoons, hand drawings, collages and more. From tableware and cushions to t-shirts and duvet covers, the prints throughout the collection tell a strong visual story and help bring the unexpected indoors.

* STUNSIG is a limited-edition collection; Limited-edition collection products are released/available in-store only for a limited amount of time (while supplies last). It is recommended that customers contact their local IKEA store to check product availability.

Smart Lighting Compatibility: IKEA is announcing the next step in its journey to make smart home products easy to use and affordable for everyone. Starting this summer, IKEA is adding functionality to its Smart Lighting range by enabling people to voice control their lighting with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, as well as set up and adjust lighting using Apple HomeKit and Siri voice commands. The TRÅDFRI products will also work seamlessly together with other Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled accessories, such as thermostats, door locks, sensors, ceiling fans, shades and more.

IKEA plans to continue exploring/launching additional functionality that will ensure its smart home products work with others on the market to enable people to build onto their smart home solution.

INDUSTRIELL Collection: IKEA is once again teaming up with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek to create INDUSTRIELL, a mass-produced collection celebrating uniqueness and intentional imperfections. Known for his craftsmanship, Piet Hein Eek is working with IKEA to explore how to give objects individuality while still utilizing an industrial production process. INDUSTRIELL will consist of sustainable furniture and home furnishing items made with wood, metal, glass, linen, ceramic, and more. Using technologically to create intentional differences, each piece in this collection will be unique by adding variations into the designs, patterns and colors.

The INDUSTRIELL collection will be available in U.S. stores in spring 2018.


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