New innovation to reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections

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Provided by Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center in Woodbridge is among 12 Sentara hospitals to add copper-infused textiles and molded hard surfaces this month as an additional barrier to hospital-acquired infections.

The hospital’s training center will feature a patient bed made up with the tan-colored copper-infused bed linens and patient gowns alongside traditional white linens.

We will also have a sample of the bedside table tops and molded side rail covers – the highest-touch items in patient rooms – that will be installed in all inpatient rooms later this year as they are custom-made for each site.

Sentara Leigh Hospital in Norfolk was the site of the world’s largest clinical trial of copper products as an adjunct to a robust infection prevention protocol.  Results were published in a peer-reviewed journal and presented at a national infection prevention conference in 2016.

A second clinical trial to validate those findings, comparing Sentara Leigh Hospital against two other Sentara hospitals, is due for publication this year.


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