New Medicare Cards = New Scam Opportunities

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Con artists are aware that across the country, 58 million people will be receiving new Medicare cards between now and April 2019. The Federal Trade Commission reports that rip-off artists are already calling beneficiaries, pretending to be from Medicare.

Three common pitches are:

  • You’re asked for your Social Security number and bank information so you can get the new card. Hang up! Medicare will never call you and never ask for such information.
  • You’re asked to pay for your new card. Hang up! The new card is free.
  • You’re told you’ll lose your Medicare benefits if you don’t give them money and
    personal information right now. Hang up! The free card will be sent to you automatically
    and your benefits will remain the same.

Mailing cards to so many individuals will take time. Do not be concerned if your card arrives before or after your spouse, or if friends or colleagues receive theirs first.

Information courtesy of American Association of Retired Persons. For more information, visit


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