New People Inc. Service Helps the Community Access Internet

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Provided by People Inc.

People Incorporated is helping community members who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic access internet service. The agency will set up accounts and pay for six months of internet service for clients who qualify.

Clients can qualify for this service if they have been impacted by the pandemic in some way – through the loss of a job, reduction in hours, the need to school children from home or another impact. Clients must also meet income eligibility, documentation requirements and show a need for internet service.

“Access to the internet is a necessity,” said Angie Groseclose, vice president and chief operating officer at People Inc. “It’s necessary for telehealth appointments, searching for a job and for kids to attend school, and it’s an extra expense that may not be in everyone’s budget. We want to make internet service more accessible for those who need it.”

This service is funded by emergency CARES Act funding and is available to residents in Manassas, Manassas Park and Prince William County. Interested residents can call People Inc. toll-free at 833-962-2039 for more information and to verify eligibility.

People Inc. is a community action agency serving 16 cities and counties in Virginia with services that include affordable housing, community development, early childhood education and more.


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