New Tipping Fee for Waste Haulers and Commercial Users at the Landfill Begins Jan. 1, 2024

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Provided by Prince William County Solid Waste Management

Effective Jan. 1, 2024, waste haulers and commercial users disposing of regular refuse at the landfill will be charged $40/ton at the Prince William County Landfill.

Residents will not be charged a fee for bringing regular household trash, recyclable materials and yard waste to Prince William County solid waste facilities. Permitted haulers will not be charged a tipping fee for yard waste at the Balls Ford Road Compost facility.

This $40 per ton rate compares favorably to the $62 to $70 tipping fees in the area. However, the new tipping fee may impact the prices charged by private haulers for trash collection and disposal services. Residents, HOA, condominium and property managers as well as business owners may be impacted. The county does not have the authority to regulate the price that private companies charge their customers. Customers should contact their service provider for information on how this new fee may affect their account in the new year.

Revenues for this fee fund will primarily fund landfill cell construction costs. However, the tipping fee and the solid waste fee revenue also fund operations, programs and services related to waste disposal, waste reduction, composting, recycling and litter prevention.

According to a thorough financial analysis conducted in 2022 by an outside consultant specializing in solid waste management financing, without an increase in revenue, the Solid Waste Fund was projected to be in deficit in 2025 and depleted in 2026. The tipping fee will help provide the revenue needed to continue efficient waste management in the county.

More information on Solid Waste disposal fees is available at


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