New Traffic Light at Commuter Lot

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Provided by Prince William County

There’s a traffic light now at the intersection of Telegraph Road and the Horner Road Commuter Lot. The Prince William County Department of Transportation says the light should be functional this week.

Occoquan District Supervisor Ruth Anderson said she started working on getting the light soon after she became a member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in 2016. “I believe I started very early in this term – within a few months. It seemed impossible.”

The traffic light was originally proffered as part of the Longpointe development. “It seemed that we were going to have to wait for the development to come in before we could have the stop light,” Anderson said.

Coming development would have certainly led VDOT to authorize a traffic light at the busy intersection, but the light was needed sooner, according to Anderson. “All you needed to do was stand there and watch it during commuter times in the morning and in the evenings, and you could easily see that for hours every day the intersection was unsafe.”

Anderson said the county put up the money to pay for the light with developer agreeing to reimburse the county through proffers. “The owner of the development and the transportation agencies helped us out because we had so many residents calling us, so many commuters telling us that it was such an unsafe intersection.”

Safety a top concern

Safety was Anderson’s top concern. “We have congested traffic in this area, and we are home to one of the biggest lots in the entire region… It’s often over-parked by 200 to 300 vehicles,” Anderson said of the commuter lot, which has an official count of 2,400 spaces. “It’s very important for this intersection to be safe, and yet there were no stop lights. Public safety is very important to Prince William County; and certainly in the Occoquan District, traffic safety is a priority.”

Anderson said that commuters will be thankful for the traffic light. “Our commuters that use the Horner Road Lot are going to be very happy. This is going to make a huge difference. People are going to feel so much safer at that intersection.”


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