Newventur Entertainment Clowns Around at the Hirshhorn

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Newventur Entertainment

One of the clowns on a pedestal at the Hirshhorn Gala

Carol Collins of Gainesville describes herself as an active seventy-four-year-old Prince William County resident. She is a professional clown and a talent agent.

Earlier this year, New York artist Jennifer Rubell found Collins’s website and asked if she could provide over 30 clowns for the Hirshhorn Spring Gala in Washington, D.C. on May 12. “Offhand, I did not know that many clowns but said if anyone can find them, I can after 42 years of clowning around.  It was quite a challenge but worked out very well,” said Collins.

Collins describes what the clowns did at the gala: “We were asked to stand on eight-inch pedestals around the circular hallway like statues during an award presentation. At the conclusion, we became animated, offering the guests chocolates. However, the guests had to do something funny at the direction of each clown in order to earn their chocolates! I had the guests play a balloon guitar (Mandaloon). So much fun!”

Collins’s company, Newventur Entertainment, LLC, can be found online at

Newventur Entertainment provides clowns to Hirshhorn Gala May 2018

By Prince William Living



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