Next Level Workshop – For Youth and Young Adults

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Next Level Workshop, Year Up, Northern Virginia Community College, Emerging NuVision, Dare II Lead, 4K Holmes

Year Up National Capital Region is partnering with Emerging NuVision, Dare II Lead, and 4K Holmes to host Next Level, a one-day workshop that will provide Northern Virginia youth and young adults (age 16 to 24) with an informative and inspirational experience on preparing for their futures. Attendees will leave with the information, tools, and resources that they need to plan for the next level of their academic and professional journeys.

The following sessions will be included:

  • Power-Up with Myers Briggs will introduce learners to the many benefits of incorporating this tool in their educational and career planning.
  • “Design to Define”– Leave YOUr Mark: Slogan, Tagline, First Impressions all of these things are important and you hold the tools to design how others will define you. This workshop will help you to identify your YOUnique brand and provide tools to design the best version of yourself. From your online presence to your offline persona, how to represent yourself, leave your lasting trademark, and autograph your work with excellence.
  • Pathways to Success is designed to demystify the transition from high school to college and beyond.
  • Year Up Program will introduce the audience to this extraordinary workforce development program that prepares young adults to enter careers in IT, Cyber Security, or Business Fundamentals as well as to continue their education and acquire their college degree.

The Next Level workshop will take place on Saturday, June 23 from 11:00 a. m. to 4:00 p. m. at the Montclair Community Library, 5049 Waterway Dr,. Montclair.

Please use this link to RSVP today:

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